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Deep condition often

Do not fall short when it comes to deep conditioning. Your hair needs the extra TLC now. The lighter the hair color, the more stripped your hair will be and the more nourishment it will require.

Always use a leave in conditioner

Leave in conditioners are an absolute must in general, but it is even more critical to use them when your hair is color-treated.

Consider a protein treatment

Again, a more dramatic color change takes a toll on your hair and does cause some damage. For extra strength consider a protein treatment to revive your hair.

Pay attention to the shampoos you use

Sulfate shampoos are definitely a no go when you hair is color-treated. Your hair is going to be prone to dryness so you do not want to make it even more stripped. Go for formulas that are gentle cleansers so you can retain more of your hair’s natural oils that protect it from damage.

Keep up with those trims

Depending on your hair you may have to trim more often than if your hair was not dyed. Keeping up with trims will help to mitigate dryness and damage. To prevent split ends make sure that when you moisturize your hair you are making sure your ends are well coated as this is the most vulnerable portion of your hair.

Take breaks

During cooler weather you may want to take longer breaks as this is the time when your hair is likely to be the driest. Whereas when it is warmer there is typically more moisture in the hair to help combat dry hair.

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